Performance Primers at Eastside Cultural Center

8pm Saturday September 21, 2019

Special Thanks to you for being here.
Mark McBeth for video.
Hannah Young for photos.
Kat Countiss for lighting design.
Jose Navaratte and Susanne Takehara for support from Eastside Cultural Center.

Curated by Hannah Ayasse, Chibueze Crouch, & Zoe Donnellycolt

The Ineffable Unbinding

A performance movement piece that visually portrays the transformation of releasing tension exuding from the inside to outside of the Black fat body.

Performed by KaliMa Amilak

Music by Monica Hastings-Smith and KaliMa Amilak

kalima amilak

KaliMa Amilak is an Afro-Caribbean photographer, poet, and aspiring performance artist. A native from Brooklyn, New York, they have collaborated with collectives such as Brooklyn Artistry and Company and D.R.I.P., and has sold and exhibited artwork in various exhibitions in Brooklyn and Oakland including Bushwick Open Studios, The Black Woman is God, Point 66 Women’s Art Exhibition, and The Art of Living Black.

“Black Butterflies on the Mimosa Tree” 

A sacred drag tribute to Pluto and the mycological forces of regenerative decomposition that liberate spirit from inert prisons of stagnation- often thru means paradoxically brutal and benevolent. Thru a choreographed ritual shadow working, Mother Tongue will enact the ego-identity dissolution and self-expansion of two beings confronted by Plutonian power. The unleashing of hidden desires and convention-defying personhood transforms all who meet their shadow with curious radical courage.

Performed by Mother Tongue

(Amadia Shadow Rabbit, Izzy Ali, Ramses Rodriguez)

mother tongue

Mother Tongue is an ongoing project directed by multidisciplinary artist Amadia Shadow Rabbit that explores publicly accessible, participatory art with ritualistic intent, & ventures into solo & collaborative transpersonal performance art, aka sacred drag/ ritual theatre. A dark psychedelic cauldron brews an imaginative alchemical act of conscious becoming & spatial re-invention. This piece is crafted and conjured with Ismail Ali and Ramses Rodriguez.

ramses rodstein

Ramses Rodstein is a Mexican queer trans multimedia performance artist, brujx and filmmaker located in San Francisco, CA.


A Trio that highlights intersectional layers of latinidad through the lenses of young Mayan, Chican@ and Mexican friends. This piece explores mental health, while honoring matrilineal lineages by remembering the names of missing/  murdered Indigenous women in north america, with(out) latin ancestry.

We asked questions such as “does my sadness stem from what my mother felt?” and “how have women cultivated refuge & home despite the absence or often times interference of men?”

We make the point that even the dead should be counted, so they can be properly remembered.

Performed by: Beni Avalos, Fernando Miguel, Judy Andrade-Garcia

Judy Andrade-Garcia

Judy Andrade-Garcia is a Latina dancer who studied dance at California State University, East Bay. Throughout her studies she has had the opportunity to travel on tour and dance with many talented artist in Hollywood, Santa Fe, Jackson, Chicago, New Orleans, and Hilo. In Santa Fe she had an opportunity to work with Rulan Tangen and is very grateful to be collaborating with Dancing Earth

Beni avalos

Beni Avalos Queer/ chican@  performing artist from Los Anegles. They came to study at CSUEB, focusing on ethnic studies, sociology as well as theater and dance. Since 2010 they have performed all over SF Bay, Los Angeles and Madrid. They are passionate about art as a form of record keeping, therapy and community engagement. Beni seeks projects that aim to highlight the joy and trauma of our lived experiences, bring folks together, and document the stories of marginalized people.

Fernando Miguel

Fernando Miguel A Performer and Visual artist. Born and Raised in  South Central Los Angeles, he has been living in the bay area for nearly a decade. He comes from the Q’anjo’bal Nation  of the Mayan people from the Guatemalan Western Highlands. Fernando is inspired by dance, culture and art!

also an uncle

The fact is that a mirror will ask of you more than you are willing to give - and in those moments, and only in those moments, can you surrender.

Performed by Gabriel Christian

Gabriel Christian 

Gabriel Christian is an artist bred in New York City and baking in Oakland. Their work metabolizes the vernaculars within BlaQ diaspora –– futurity, afrovivalism, faggotry ––  through body-based live performance and poetics; moreover, they feel the bio to be an unfortunate by-product of capitalistic modes like chattel slavery. Follow them @millenialuncle.

Give up the Ghost

A visceral movement and sound meditation on material, worthiness, and black boihood. Somewhere within this time of breath we will unveil the spectrum between flying and death. To live between the two, within a body deconstructed.

Performed by Europa Grace

Music and Video by Europa Grace with a song by Bing & Ruth

europa grace 

Europa Grace is a conceptual artist, redeeming the blurry landscape of memory, speculation and imagination, breathing fresh life into new narratives through experimental performances anchored by movement, music, poetry and time.

nothing stays white for too long or [yearning cycle #2] or DAME PALETA

I am effervescent blooming. I am grace. I am vulnerable. I am over exposure.

Performed by estrellx supernova
estrellx supernova is a queer-AfroGuatemalan brujx, choreographer, and performance artist born in NJ. They currently make love and art in the San Francisco Bay Area. estrellx engages choreography as a process of excavation and uses task as meditation, psychosomatic state work, Chinese Energetics, grief/joy/the erotic. They get messy by conjuring contemporary rituals within quotidian + natural landscapes. They are emerging from their cocoon.

estrellx is a 2019 Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange (CHIME) mentee, a danceWEB | Impulstanz scholarship programme recipient, and was recently awarded a National Association for Latino Arts & Cultures (NALAC) Artist Grant, a New Roots Foundation Artist Residency, a Princess Grace in Choreography Fellowship Award, and a Dancers’ Group CA$H Grant (spring 2019).
Follow them on IG @princesa_estrellx