Performance Primers at Periwinkle Palace

8pm Saturday October 22nd, 2016

Special Thanks
Whitney Freedman, Wiley Rogers, Kelly Ward


Bro-Vogue is a dance theater piece exploring the layers of masculinity on non-male bodies.  While masculinity is not owned by males it is forced upon them and appropriated by them in patriarchy and presented as the pure original form.  Dasha and Morgan view masculinity as a floating entity that anyone can try on and take off, indulge in, get trapped in, love and mock.  The characters, Yaroslav and Ricky, are two bros struggling with internalized homophobia as they practice conformity and perform the cliches of heteronormativity.  How can we expand our identities to gain empowerment as well as a greater understanding of the world we live in?

Morgan True

Morgan True is a former gymnast with a Bachelors in visual art and four years of professional dance experience. Their performance art and installations deal with issues of identity surrounding gender and sexuality through a post-feminist lens. Morgan collaborates with artists in the Bay Area as well as Berlin. Their work was most recently exhibited at WAH Fest 2016.

Dasha Cheannah

Dasha Che is a Russian American genderqueer scholar, performer and activist. S/he has worked extensively with Bay Area as well as international artists. Currently s/he is invested in developing "Telaboratoria" project - teaching dance improvisation to trans* and genderqueer communities in Russia and investigating gender nuances through both performance and daily existence.


When I think of skirts, I think sexy hips. Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman.  When I spin, I fly, I heal. The more blue, the more protection, inner clarity, and mental fortitude. Alters as self-love, care, reflection, and devotion. Alters as a place to let go of it all. 

This collaboration began while Zoe was in Germany and Sierra was in Maryland.  Sierra performed the first rendition in Baltimore and tonight Zoe will be performing the second state of the performance.

Zoe Donnellycolt in collaboration with Sierra Reading

Zoe Donnellycolt draws from her passion for community as well as her writing and drawing practices in inspire inventive movement vocabulary.  Originally from the woods of Connecticut, she received her BA from Bennington College and has debuted her solo work at SALTA’s PPP performances and at The Foundry Nights.

Sierra Reading

Sierra Reading is an artist and educator exploring the idea of how cloth can tell a story through community engagement and movement. She highlights this process through the craft of natural plant dyes and community meals.  Sierra’s work has been exhibited at the Berkeley Art Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and Northern California Fibershed.


two chairs, four legs, one take.
a slip, a fall, an applause.
two seats, one floor, a gasp—"what's that?"
(so nosy)

"mind your business."


ReadyMaids is an Oakland-based performance duo working in dance and site specific installation. The two dancers, Anna Muselmann and Rachael Cleveland, have performed on a range of stages with this project, and have collaborated with several bands and musicians including The World and Dingbat Superminx. They are currently investigating modes of animal embodiment and human social behavior, and plan to go on tour in early 2017.