Performance Primers at Periwinkle Palace

8pm Saturday November 11th, 2017

Curated by Hannah Ayasse & Zoe Donnellycolt

Special Thanks
Ayliffe Brown, Hunter King, Ben Lerchin, Claire Rabkin, Sam Wilson 


when i was a little boy i found a way out. without being sentimental i want to understand this place inside me where i feel safe even though i am not safe at all.

Andrew rose

Andrew Rose is a writer, dancer, and painter from Philadelphia. He is concerned with the relationship between aesthetics and ethics. He's going to die but he's not dead yet.

Poeisis: An Excavation

The Poiesis Project is a collaboration between Hannah Rubin and Tara Cuyos Marsden, initially created as a response to the Berkeley protests and subsequent media storm, with the intent to interrogate prescribed political narratives and to closely consider the language of resistance. Hannah and Tara designed 33 posters, curated from a selection of submissions from 18 local writers and artists, printed with the support of BAMPFA, and exhibited at E.M. Wolfman September - October 2017.

In Poiesis: An Excavation,
Tara entwines this project with two years of personal writing through ritual, asking how this conversation is altered by setting, how it changes shape in new rooms and new mouths, and how “intangible” words affect tangible bodies. They present raw work exploring the inextricably subjective and evolving experience of being queer and mixed race in this community in this moment.
(Contributors to The Poiesis Project: Anna Avery, Justin Carder, Mairead Case, Kate Dunn, Jo Hannah Eidman, Denali Gillaspie, Madeline Gobbo, Ben Lerchin, Rae Liberto, Tara Cuyos Marsden, Camille Martinez, Ismail Muhammad, Brianna Nelson, Hannah Rubin, Claire Stringer, Faye Titchenal, Avery Trufelman, Mollie Underwood, Jennifer Williams, and Nicole Wisler.)

Tara marsden

(they/she) is the co-founder of Moments Co-op, a cooperatively-run bookstore and community space opened in January 2021 in downtown Oakland (xučyun, Lisjan Ohlone land) to support the creative and material needs of QTBIPOC. They were a founding editor of New Life Quarterly, an arts and culture magazine published by Wolfman Books, as well as the co-editor of New Body, a collection of creative art criticism, with curator Emilia Shafer-Del Valle.

When I think about you, my feelings can’t explain. Why after all this time, my heart still feels pain. When I look at you, memories of love, like no one before, you'll stay on my mind. Always so special, I was yours and you were mine, made for each other, you'll stay on my mind. For always and forever, you will be my Saturday love


On the weekends I like to go out dancing with my friends. I love eating ice cream when it’s cold out and riding my bike while singing my favorite songs. I do my best to try and always have fun because to me it’s one of the most important things and I really hope you’ll join me!