Performance Primers at Periwinkle Palace

8pm Saturday May 13th, 2017

Special Thanks
Hunter King, Mark MacBeth, Claire Rabkin, Robbie Sweeney, Sam Wilson, Splendor All Around

Low Rider

In Car Without Parts, Ibarra pushes a car shrouded in gold fabric on the streets of West Oakland. In rethinking Deleuze and Guattari’s concept Body without Organs, I consider the depth of the object, the car, well beyond its surface and sheen towards its depth, particularly the libidinal attachments Black and Latino men have to such objects. Rather than presume the car similar to the body as a whole machine, I reconfigure the object as “without parts” (nor organs) to denaturalize connections between race and visuality; gender and objects; and capital and politics.

Xandra Ibarra

 Xandra Ibarra, who sometimes works under the alias of La Chica Boom, is an Oakland-based interdisciplinary artist from the US/Mexico border of El Paso/Juarez. Ibarra works across performance, video, and sculpture to address abjection and joy and the borders between proper and improper racialized, gendered, and queer subjects.

I’ve Got: A Great Upheaval

In this piece, June explores the relation to invisible disabilities becoming visible and captured.  The story of seizures is individual and completely unique each time, so in this mostly improvised piece, they ask you the question; what is your relationship to the most vulnerable parts of you?  What impact does shattering the societal construct of the “ideal” body have in interpersonal relationships?  And with our broken healthcare system, how do we sow up for our loved ones living in bodies deemed broken?

June Kogut 

June Kogut is a queer, trans, mixed and disabled flower femme living in Oakland.  They are heavily involved in the world of physically integrated dance, and are working to shift the ideas of what dance can be.  They are also a social worker for lgbtq youth experiencing homelessness and dual diagnoses, and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their service dog, Penny, to come live and dance with them.


I’m too timid to ask for money for these artists without making it into a performance.  believe every artist deserves to be compensated for what they make.  Without being paid right now, we can’t make art sustainably.

Zoe Donnellycolt

Zoe Donnellycolt is a femme performance artist who has shown work at Safehouse for the Arts, The Foundry Nights, and Salta.  She has been published by Two Plum Press and founded the Performance Primers as a means to expose the work of emerging artists in the Bay Area in 2016.  She was born in the woods of Connecticut and received her BA from Bennington College, in Vermont.

Experiment for Feeling Good in the Morning

and Maybe All Day

Erica Schapiro-Sakashita

Erica Schapiro-Sakashita is an interdisciplinary artist who often thinks about how funny and sad it is to be a female human. She hasn't performed in roughly 15 years.

Inside Every Black

This piece is neither a first nor a last look at misogynoir and the rhetorics of performance that continue to trap them in the body. A gesture, a peep show, a quick riot.

Gabriele Christian 

Gabriele Christian (they/them) is an american artist specializing in experimental composition, high dramatics, social practice, and poetics. For more than ten years, their work has metabolized the vernaculars within the BlaQ (Black+Queer) diaspora—futurity, afrovivalism, slippage—through body-based live stage or public space performances, curation, workshops, collaborations, and digital interventions on their IG: At the heart of all of their work, they strive to center oral traditions and movement as conduits for equitable conversations around belonging, spirit, rage, desirability, abundance, and care.