Performance Primers at Periwinkle Palace

8pm Saturday May 12th, 2018

Curated by Hannah Ayasse, Chibueze Crouch, & Zoe Donnellycolt

Post-Show Conversation Facilitated by Hannah Ayasse


love getaway

love getaway is a procession gone rogue. A journey through moments of instinctual bliss and transparent shades of reinvented memories. A dance to adapt, embrace, untangle, and reassemble the cherished fragments of our multiple selves.

Performed by: Hannah Rogge & Octavia Rose Hingle
Music by: Nkisi, Billy Idol
Costumes by: Hannah Rogge & Octavia Rose Hingle

Hannah rogge

Hannah Rogge is an artist growing through printmaking, graphic design, drawing, figure drawing modeling, dance, and performance art. their current work traces experiences of shifting embodiment in relation to their gender, developmental PTSD, and sexuality, calling on instinctual bliss and spontaneous healing to aid in the adaptive reassembly of many selves.

Octavia rose hingle

Octavia is an adaptive dance artist, educator, and nightlife producer living in their birthplace of Berkeley, California. Octavia's work dreams up visions of past and future ancestors that travel through the plastic vessel of the present moment. They hold a BA in dance from Middlebury College, and have studied with ODC/Dance, AXIS Dance Company and Headlong Performance Institute. You can see more of their work at, and find them DJing around the Bay Area as Octopussy510.

Gloria in Six Acts

This piece is part of an ongoing, cyclical performance about the way we communicate with, play into, and resist the archetypes of the feminine that hang in the air over our growth and interactions as individuals. In this witchy choreographic, comedic and musical romp, we≥≥7 invoke the ghosts of gendered reality and strive to elevate a liberating experience of the femme. We invite you to be haunted with us by the spirits of Gloria past, present and future!

Choreographed by: Lili Weckler (In collaboration with the dancers)
Performed by: Maranda Barry, Alisha Ragon, Ashton Arnoldy, Lili Weckler
Music by: Maranda Barry, Alisha Ragon, Lili Weckler
Text by: Becky Robinson-Leviton

Lili Weckler | Unhinge

Unhinge is a platform for a genre of hybrid performance we call Choreographic Rock Opera. Our pieces interweave choreographic, musical, theatrical, and visual elements to create devised works blending narrative and non-narrative structures. In our day to day lives, our cultural and economic systems hold us hostage. But on the stage, we are free to fashion and refashion our identities, and to craft new universes for ourselves to inhabit. Our pieces explore the body as a site for social and political inquiry, inviting viewers and participants to exhume the anger, fear, wisdom, and hope buried in their muscles, organs and psyches, as resources to instigate change.