Performance Primers at Periwinkle Palace

8pm Saturday March 23rd, 2019

Curated by Hannah Ayasse, Chibueze Crouch, & Zoe Donnellycolt

Post-Show Conversation Facilitated by Hannah Ayasse

cuando el no-se-que arrives...

This is always about everything. Apathy. Disgust. Rhythm and rage. Digging and digging until you finally uncover the bones you didn’t even know were there. Is this celebration or mourning? Or both? I’ve never felt so…connected to you like this before. Tracing presence and the spaces in between. Like flossing teeth or tying shoes, who taught you to do it in that specific way?

I used to inhabit a room with deep blue walls with a map of the world on one of those walls. “Me voy para alla y para alla y para alla,” I said.

Choreographed by: Estrellx Supernova
Performed by: Estrellx Supernova 

Estrellx Supernova
IG: corporealidades.sutiles


Cover or enclose (someone or something) in paper or soft material. To be wrapped up in. Covering for warmth or protection. To bandage. To heal. To bind. Stay breathing, no matter what wrappings hold this body.

Performed by: Europa Grace

europa grace

Europa Grace is a mixed-race Afro-Caribbean spoken word poet, movement artist and educator from New York based in San Francisco. They forge a tool from movement and language to access and embody a plurality of presence. Movement as healing, word as healing, beauty as healing. As a black queer non-binary femme Europa moves from a place of lived experience, after all - the personal is political.


A rough draft of a Spiritual Invocation/Connection to Sarah (Saartje) Baartman exploring the beginnings of grieving the pain from her body related to racial fatphobia and sexual exploitation.

Choreographed by: KaliMa Amilak
Performed by: KaliMa Amilak
Music by: House of Spiritual Awakening/Ministry of Miracles Healing Schools (YouTube)

kaliMa amilak 

KaliMa Amilak is an Afro-Caribbean photographer, poet, and aspiring performance artist. A native from Brooklyn, New York, is now pursuing their passion in the arts after moving to Oakland, California. They expanded their creativity in a way that shows their strongest expressions of raw beauty through social justice, community emboldenment, and moments of authentic expression. Through their movement in art, they are devoted to self expression and celebration for womxn and queer black people sharing their life experiences as a means of healing through empowerment.