Performance Primers at Periwinkle Palace

8pm Saturday January 7th, 2017

Special Thanks
Kelly Ward, Mark MacBeth, Claire Rabkin

the alter ego of the mass

hi, thanks for being here, this is basically a continuation of a failed project that i think of as an earnest attempt to resolve the line of the scapegoat.  I want to know who can atone for abstract violence and how.

Oscar Tidd

this is the end of nothing

Floral mandala arranging is a centering and generative meditation. The ephemerality of our world is celebrated in the petals and the dispersal of the mandala form is a practice in letting go. Done solo versus in a group produces a vastly different experience, the first is solitary, deliberate, controlled, while the second allows for chaos, serendipity and communion.

Larisa Minerva

Larisa Minerva is a florist, writer and Zen Hospice Volunteer based in San Francisco.  She runs the Bewilderism blog exploring the ways in which the botanical world enriches human life and meaning.