Performance Primers at Periwinkle Palace

8pm Saturday December 3rd, 2016

Special Thanks
Kelly Ward

upon hearing: a solo

This piece is a collaboration between Hannah Ayasse and you. Hannah is an improvisational dance artist and a listener. You have a story to be heard. As you enter the space, please contribute your story to Hannah's basket. She will then use your stories and her body to perform a live workshop on listening, reaction, mindfulness, improvisation, and spontaneous collaboration. This performance is part of Hannah's ongoing study of improvisation as meditation and of words as movement. Thank you.

Hannah Ayasse

Hannah Ayasse is a dance artist born and raised in Oakland, CA. She received her BA in Dance and Psychology from GWU and has presented work in the Bay Area and DC. Hannah has been collecting stories from strangers since 2014, a practice that has supported and guided her work on the act of listening, somatic empathy, reaction, and improvisation. She also aims to build community through movement and creative collaboration and recently launched @exquisitemovement, an ongoing improvised dance performed daily on Instagram by 7 collaborators from around the U.S. who have never met in person. Hannah is happy to return to the vibrant arts community in the Bay Area.

fragile: handle with self-care

Alec White

alec prefers not to contextualize themself with their credentials

Openings / Infititudes

Various pasts meet in one echo chamber. In this instant, all events are amplified together by the resonance in the chamber. The aggregate resonance yields a new event, a new thing to remember. Does your memory of events ever shift? When you look at the past, how does the story you tell yourself change or stay the same over seconds, minutes, weeks, years, decades? Memories reproduce amoebically. Our score is adaptive to the formulation of sensation.

Anastasia Clarke

Anastasia Clarke is a New York/Oakland based composer and performer working with voice, digital signal processing, and analog circuits. Her work finds form in solo performances, improvisatory ensembles, and in sound for dance and theater. Anastasia is currently an MFA candidate in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College, where she is designing her own instruments and interfaces for live performances.

Jennifer Geary

Jennifer Gerry is a Southern California dance maker and cofounder of Mechanism Dance Theatre (Pomona, Ca). She is currently an MFA candidate at Mills College, and her interest lies in process driven work, and the contextualization of material that reflects and honors social realities. Improvisation, research, discourse and cross-discipline collaborations are vital to her practice.

Evidence of Ritual

This piece will be held throughout the night, located at the snack table.  Participants are asked to engage in the community meal by stamping and painting imagery with the given varieties of dips.
Menu list is available at the snack table. 

Sierra Reading

Sierra Reading is an artist and educator exploring the idea of how cloth can tell a story through community engagement.  She highlights this process through the craft of natural plant dyes and community meals.  Sierra’s work has been exhibited at the Berkeley Art Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, E.M. Wolfman, and Northern California Fibershed.  She is currently teaching fashion design through the Youth Art Exchange and earning her Master’s in Art Education through the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Zoe Donnellycolt

Zoe Donnellycolt draws from her passion for community as well as her writing and drawing practices in inspire inventive movement vocabulary.  Originally from the woods of Connecticut, she received her BA from Bennington College, studying under Susan Sgorbati, Dana Reitz and Terry Creach.  She has debuted her solo work at SALTA’s PPP performances and at The Foundry Nights and performed with Sarah Berges Dance and Melinda Ring.  Zoe teaches dance through Performing Arts Workshop and LEAP.