Performance Primers at Periwinkle Palace

8pm Saturday April 14th, 2018

Curated by Hannah Ayasse & Zoe Donnellycolt

Post-Show Conversation Facilitated by Hannah Ayasse


We are surrounded enough technology to create spontaneous artistic performance experiences that were previously impossible. Mergence uses our smartphones to illustrate the structure of our everyday online communication with art.

Choreographed by: Katheryn Koenemann and Rosina Gelormino
Performed by: Tobias Butler, Katheryn Koenemann, Rosina Gelormino
Music by: Tobias Butler
Costumes by: Katheryn Koenemann and Rosina Gelormino
Lighting by: Tobias Butler

Tobias butler

Tobias believes that technology can be used to reimagine how performances are structured and create new opportunities for audiences to interact with the art they experience. He was introduced to interactive electronic music by composer Paula Matthussen at Wesleyan University and is determined to find ways that experimental music can be both pleasant-sounding and conceptually rich. This is his first collaboration with Katheryn Koenemann and Rosina Gelormino, two dancers living in Oakland who practice various styles of dance.

Home In Transition

I am currently undergoing my graduate thesis work and somatic-based research that proves we can build a home within our own bodies. While attempting to personally apply my research and find my own ‘home’, I am coming upon raw, long unhealed spots that need treating. This live piece is an exploration and improvisation based upon the idea that a safe space for me is also a safe space for you.

Choreographed by: Emily Denham
Performed by: Emily Denham
Music/Speeches by: Vallis Alps, Maggie Rogers, The Staves, Pico Iyer, Tom Petty, Donald Trump, Michelle Obama
Costumes by: Emily Denham
Lighting by: Kat Countiss probably

Emily denham

Emily Denham was introduced to dance in her home state of Kentucky. She has studied the techniques of Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Latin Social, Swing, Middle-Eastern, and Tap. She graduated from Berea College with a degree in both Dance and Women & Gender Studies. She is currently continuing her somatic exploration and dance studies at Saint Mary’s College where she will graduate with a MFA this year. As a young artist Emily explores movement as a comprehensive endeavor seeking a resolution of empowerment and self-discovery.

I’m Seduced by Beauty

This piece is a celebration of language and improvisation.  Using a pool of words, I aim to create new and inspiring combinations of adages and metaphor. With projection art and movement and new music, the piece brings with it newness and lightness.

Choreographed, Performed, Music, Costumes and Lighting by: Kat Countiss

kat countiss 

Kat Countiss ( is an interdisciplinary artist based in Oakland, California. Loves puns, psycholinguistics, improvisation, authentic movement, ASMR, and neo-futurism. Her formal education includes a Communication major and an associates in Graphic Design. She’s got a sweet penchant for social media, so look her up on instagram and Facebook and you can enjoy a lot of cute cat photos and the occasional blissful mountain water view or something beautiful and heartwarming. When she’s not doing performance art, or posting things on the internet, she’s drawing watercolor flowers. Ask her about it if you like that kind of thing. Keywords: projection art, social media, puns, authentic movement, bamboozlin doggo, ASMR, psychedelics, grief, memory, creativity, wind chimes, yerba mate sparkling classic gold.

On the Road by Jack Kavawack

Improvisational drag:
Jack Kavanagh

Jack Kavanagh 

Jack Kavanagh circus artist moving from BANFF Alberta to Philly. Interdisciplinary performance drag and handstands.